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Cherry Bark Tortrix Moth

CBT’s prefer easy access to the inner bark. Cherry’s cracked bark is perfect for the young CBT larva looking for a way into the tree. Physical damage caused by the feeding of the CBT is the main threat to the tree. The inner bark is the living part of the tree. The CBT loosens the bark exposing this inner bark to the weather/frost damage and other insect & diseases. All of this inner bark damage interferes with the trees transportation of nutrients back to the roots.

More about Cherry Bark Tortrix Moth

Originating in Vancouver B.C., it is thought that the pest came by way of ship from the Far East.

All Cherry trees in our Puget Sound wet climate have specific Cherry Fungal and Bacterial Diseases. These diseases are of utmost importance to keep under control.

The Tortrix Moth is a predator looking for a vulnerable/weak host in which to plant its future generation; Itís larval young bores into the tree through cracks & wounds.

In general the Cherry trees for, as in: fed and sprayed appropriately, are holding their own and surviving the Borerís attack. Keeping your Cherry tree healthy and strong is the best way for you to fight this borer.

CBT has invaded other hosts such as plums, apple laurels, ashes, etc.

Once CBT is established host switching becomes rapid as preferred hosts are depleted.

The borer is vulnerable only when they are near the surface of the bark. They come out to clean their holes in the Spring & Fall.


Adult Moth 0.6-0.7Ē inches

Sound Solutions offers the following control methods for CBT which are very important because after an insect has accessed the inside of the plant, whether it is the fruit itself or the trunk, the pest is then safe from all traditional pest controls.

  • Kaolin Clay is a natural mineral Clay. Kaolin Clay creates a physical barrier that prevents insects from entering your plant. Kaolin Clay is used in all organic orchards.

  • Parasitic Wasps are used that specifically seek out and prey on moth larva once it has entered the fruit or trunk. Parasitic Wasps are the best known control measure against the CBT.


Bark damage from CBT