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Bamboo Mite (Schizotetranychus)
The bamboo mite is a small spider mite that feeds on the underside of bamboo leaves beneath tight, flat sheets of webbing. This underlying white webbing is what is visible to the naked eye. The minute spider mites live a very protected life under the webbing where it sucks the water and food producing green chlorophyll from the leaf. Yellow rectangular spots show on the upper surface. To properly treat for bamboo mites, power spraying equipment is required to tear the webbing and reach the mites. You can achieve a considerable level of control with oil sprays. Frequent water rinsing with your hose can also help by creating a more humid environment. This will drive them out of your bamboo in search of a more arid place. Bamboo experts advise removing the older canes as the leaves become too damaged. This will encourage the natural process of new shoots replacing old. We live in such a temperate climate, that our plants do not experience the extremes of the different seasons and many plants grow year round.