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Injection fertilization of slow release Total Tree Root Feed with a high organic micro nutrient which lasts 12 months. 100 gallons is distributed in an average size landscape prioritized by plant need.

Sound Solutions custom blends a premium, complete, natural slow release fertilizer complete with organic micro nutrient amendments. Average application is 100 gallons and is used on the plants that we have determined to need added nutrients. Tree fertilizer is inherently low nitrogen so it does not induce heavy growth. If you have any questions please call us.

Sound Solutions has created an organic pest management company whose priority is to reduce the amount of pesticides used (organic or not). We have determined that the most effective way to do this is to address the nutritional needs of the plants. Feeding trees and plants on a regular basis is our best way of maintaining health and avoiding or lessening problems. A vigorous, healthy tree is not as susceptible to problems and is better equipped to handle any.

Two major predators of plants in nature are insects and disease. These prey upon the sickly or weak plant. If a problem presents itself, a well-fed plant can fight the ailment with much better results than a plant lacking proper nutrients.

Liquid Injection Feeding is the ultimate in tree feeding. The fertilizer is injected under pressure into the root zone of the tree where it is instantly utilized. The action of the pressurized fertilizer being injected breaks up the soil compaction and allows the roots to breathe. Soil compaction is an urban problem of every tree that has traffic on its root zone. Most urban trees are lucky to have just enough room for their roots to grow. Trees with limited soil to grow in, have limited soil to draw nutrients from and need supplemented nutrition to thrive.


Trees and shrubs are generally slow feeders, evergreens more than deciduous. Fruit trees and deciduous trees and shrubs use a lot of energy going through the yearly leafing, blooming, fruiting or seed developing processes. This energy needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Sound Solutions deep root feedings as part of your landscape program accomplishes this. Injection root feeding in no way interferes with, or eliminates the need for you to continue a surface feeding and/or mulching program. No need to worry about over-feeding or duplicating, we are feeding select trees and shrubs in a completely different layer of the soil than you can reach with your feeding.

Yearly deep root feeding is a part of your basic service

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